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We are dedicated to providing you with top quality dental appliances at reasonable fees.

What is a denturist? A denturist is a denture specialist – not a dentist or a commercial dental laboratory. We work with dentists, oral surgeons and other healthcare practitioners to provide you the best possible service.

Our goal is to provide you, our patient, with the very best prosthetics possible, whether it be full or partial dentures. Denturitry is the best method of providing comfort, function, and a pleasing appearance as you and the denturist work together.

Laboratory work is done in our clinic, for personalized and dependable work.

Adjustments on new appliances are done at no charge for three months following delivery.

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• Free Initial Consultations

• Full or Partial Dentures

• Immediate Dentures

• Relines & Re-materials

• Anti-snoring Appliances

• Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliances

• Adjustments & Repairs

• Denture Cleaners & Brushes

Full dentures take three to four appointments to complete, over the course of four to eight weeks. These appointments assure you correct fit, good esthetics, and quality construction. Necessary adjustments are provided at no charge for three months.

Metal partials require at least four weeks to complete, to allow for construction of the metal framework.

Relines and Re-materials are usually completed in one day, with a morning appointment. for impressions and an afternoon appointment for placement. Necessary adjustments are provided at no charge for three months.

Repairs can generally be completed in a few hours.

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